Brew Preview - What's coming in January 2022?

Brew Preview - What's coming in January 2022?

This January we're brewing three cracking pale ales: a session pale, a modern take on bitter, and our version of a best bitter.

The light side to Blackbird's dark side, and our take on low ABV classics like Kernel Table Beer and Beavertown Neck Oil.


Lovely Rita uses new British Hops (Boadicca, Jester and Endeavour) to make what we're calling a modern bitter: all the best bits of a classic bitter, enhanced with techniques learnt from newer styles. 


A no-nonsense, proper best bitter. Eight malts and classic British Hops. This is our homage to the Alpha Beer: Southwold Bitter. Based on a recipe first brewed to celebrate my Grampy's 90th birthday.



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