About Us

We brew a range of traditional and modern beers from our tiny brewhouse in the heart of Suffolk.

When we say tiny, we mean tiny: each brew produces just 300 cans - so we can safely say we're one of the smallest brewers in the country.

But size isn't everything. We've been brewing since 2014 and are excited to share our passion for great tasting, well made and unique beer with you.


200L three vessel brewery originally made by Elite Stainless Systems in Swindon and customised by Industrial Fabrications in Diss.

We ferment in three unitanks — again made by Elite Stainless — each with cooling jackets, carbonation stones and fittings for CIP.


We can using a combo of a DuoFiller (with the G2 upgrade) and a Gorilla Two seamer. The DuoFiller has the flow control kit fitted. Both are outstanding pieces of kit, and revolutionary for breweries of our size.


Cooling provided by Glycol remote cooler from Elite Beer Coolers. We have this model and it (and the associated service) are excellent.

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