Blackbird Mild Brown Porter

6 x 440ml

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It’s early winter. You’ve been for a walk. Its 4:30pm, but it’s getting dark. Trees like skeletons, crisp air and the comely smell of woodsmoke from nearby fields.

You reach the pub — is there anything better than a pub at the end of a long walk? It’s warm. A fire crackles in the corner, and the welcome burble of friendly people hits your chilly ears. All you need now is a pint to slake your thirst and warm your bones. 

Blackbird Mild Brown Porter is our beer for these moments. We use seven Suffolk malts, a warm fermentation and a smidge of First Gold hops to make (we think) the perfect beer for a quiet pint on a dark night.

3.1% ABV


Water, malted barley, wheat, oats, hops, yeast

All our beers are suitable for vegans