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Paddington Lime Pale Ale

6 x 440ml

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Our favourite beer to brew. It makes our tiny brewhouse smell like a grove of limes in late summer.

The idea for this beer came from my Granny’s love of marmalade and toast. Each breakfast time she’d spread hot buttered toast with biblical amounts of lime marmalade, and then devour each slice with glee.

The flavour combination of malty bread and zesty limes seemed perfect for a beer. So we experimented by brewing a classic pale ale recipe, added jar after jar after jar of Tiptree Lime Marmalade and finished things off with a gentle dry hop of Sorachi Ace and Mandarina Bavaria.

The result is just as delicious as those childhood memories. Paddington Pale Ale is a real refresher.

4.1% ABV


Water, malted barley, wheat, oats, hops, lime marmalade, yeast

All our beers are suitable for vegans