Paddington Pale Ale (6 x 330ml bottles)

Watts &co

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Paddington Lime Pale Ale is one of our favourite beers to brew because it makes the brewhouse smell amazing.

Inspired by my Granny's love of hot buttered toast and loads of lime marmalade - we take a classic pale ale recipe and then add jar after jar of Tiptree Lime Marmalade at the end of the boil.

Combined with a gentle but punchy dry hop of Sorachi Ace and Mandarina Bavaria this beer is a real refresher.

6 x 330ml bottles


Water, Malted Barley (Gluten), Hops (Mandarina Bavaria and Sorachi Ace), Lime Marmalade (Tiptree), Yeast (Niche Solutions AY4)

Fined with isinglass finings 

How we bottle our beers

Our beers are bottled by hand using a custom-made counter-pressure filler. This keeps our beers super fresh and free from sediment so you can enjoy them straight from the bottle. 

Our beers are not bottle conditioned.